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Chill 7

Do not be confused by this obscure title. This is the seventh hot chocolate and chill event. And special edition of happening on Monday night instead of Wednesday.

Prepare yourself for some delicious store bought hot chocolate and spectacular homemade baked goods. The cost for all this? Nothing. Just bring your fanciest mug to drink from.
As we all enjoy this warming treat in our time of stress and our pain, we will take this opportunity to share our own personal creative writing. Whether it be a 3 line poem, or an excerpt from your 100 page fanfic, please feel free to bring it and share. (Just remember, the longer your writing is, the higher chance I’m gonna get distracted and stop listening to your story.) And if you don’t have anything to share and you just want the free food that’s fine too. After all, we’re all here just to enjoy some hot chocolate and chill.

TLDR: free food and shit. Bring your mug and some writing if you want to share.