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Nu Sig Food Eating Contest

Nu Sigma Pi is happy to present our first food eating contest!
$50.00 FnS gift card & Booze!
If you like eating hot dogs and think you can finish a 12 pack before anyone else, then this event is perfect for you!
Feed your hunger for competition and come win!

Day of event: Thursday November 29th, 2018 
Last day to enter: November 22nd, 2018 
Meet up time: 6:00pm 
Start time: 6:15 pm
Location: Father and Sons (seating is in a reserved area) 
Participation Cost: $7.00 per person 
Anyone is free to come watch and cheer on the participants!
To get tickets: 
Facebook message Arielle Oosterholt or Ang Tb to e-transfer
or to meet up and pay in person. 

- You will have 3 minutes and 12 hot dogs! 
- First to finish all 12 hot dogs with nothing remaining will win! 
- If no one finishes under 3 minutes, then once the 3 minutes is up, we will see which player has the least amount of hot dogs on their plate! 
- Once the time is up and you are still chewing, it will count as eaten IF you eventually swallow the food, in the case of finishing all the hot dogs prior to 3 minutes, food must be all swallowed 
- Each player will have a sister in front of them making sure they are following the rules 
- If you finish the food prior to 3 minutes (including swallowing the food), then you may stand up to show that you are done AND the designated Nu Sig sister in front of you will inform us as well 
- Each sister will have a timer to make sure everything is running smoothly and fairly! 
- BEWARE: Some of the hot dogs will be spicy!
- IF YOU CANT HANDLE THE FOOD and end up vomiting, then you will be disqualified. So chew, people!!! 


If you have any dietary restrictions but would like to participate, please let us know and we will accommodate for you!

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