CVUO is currently looking for talented people with a lot of time to waste. We have a few executive and a lot of member positions to fill. You can apply for more than one position but please only apply for a single position once. Please note: We have no money to pay you with.

EVENt coordinator

Looking for an individual to take a leadership role in organizing events held by the club. Responsibilities will include handling all logistics, both internally and externally, leading up to an event. Ensuring that aspects of an event are taken care of and done in the highest quality.

Graphic Design Director

Looking for an individual to help in creating CVUO's graphics and taking on consulting work when it comes to creating graphics. Weekly responsibilities will include making sure all graphic related media finishes on time and is of high quality. 

VICE PResident Internal

Looking for an individual to take a leadership position in dealing with all of the clubs internal matters. Responsibilities will include booking rooms for meetings, organizing socials, taking minutes and keeping all online files organized.

Vice President External

Looking for an individual to take a leadership position in dealing with all external organizations connected to CVUO. Responsibilities will include contacting clubs on campus that will be interested in a partnership. Booking meetings with organizations and maintaining a strong relationship with all of CVUO’s connections.

Vice President Finance

Looking for an individual to handle all logistics pertaining to finance. Responsibilities will include making sure the clubs finances are handled responsibly and suggesting ways to attain funds.