Caribbean Student Association

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The Caribbean Student association aspires to provide social functions, parties, networking, and a sense of community. Our goal is to contribute to the overall university experience in a way only West Indians can. 

We present the diverse collection of cultures, histories and races rest reside within the Caribbean. In order to achieve this we want to bring the taste of home to Ottawa and promote our cultures to a greater audience. 

Since the Caribbean is such a diverse and colourful place we want to emulate that within our association and invite people from all walks of life to experience our culture through food, music, dance and more food! 

UO Italian Association

Welcome to the University of Ottawa Italian Association! Our mission is to promote Italian language, culture and history on campus through social events, workshops, and conversation sessions. Membership is open to uOttawa students with an interest in Italy, whether Italian or non-Italian.

Iraqi Student Association of Ottawa

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Iraqi Student Association of Ottawa is an active non - profit organization run by passionate students from Ottawa to fullfil the mission of the association. 

Since 2012, ISA has worked with several other associations around the city of Ottawa to promote the Iraqi heritage and culture and to raise awareness about the refugee crisis after 2014.

Taking a serious path to represent Iraq's bright side did not stop ISA from having fun. We have held several meet and greet events, in addition to BBQ, Football games, Bazar, Gala and other fun events.

PSA uOttawa

PSA is a group at the University of Ottawa whose mandate is to promote social and cultural events in order to allow members to embrace the Pakistani tradition. The events we organize are mainly for the sheer enjoyment of the group members and include but are not limited to activities, formals, or social gatherings.

University of Ottawa Muslim Students Association

University of Ottawa Muslim Students Association

The University of Ottawa Muslim Students Association (UOMSA) is a uniting forum for Muslim students across campus. The UOMSA is a religious, non-profit organization which seeks to serve Islam and Muslims at the University of Ottawa. Towards this end, the UOMSA promotes unity among Muslims and genial relations with the wider community, conducts Islamic activities and social events, holds congregational prayers, and works to educate Muslims and non-Muslims alike, about the Islamic faith in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah (Prophet Muhammad’s teachings, Peace Be Upon Him)

Black Student Leaders Association

Black Student Leaders Association

The BSLA serves to assist with the academic, social, and philanthropic aspects of the Black student journey at the University of Ottawa. We serve to provide a safe space for all students that identify with the Black community, all the while paying homage to our ancestors and remembering our roots. We extend open arms to all allies from all ethnic backgrounds, and all areas of Ottawa/Gatineau.