Best Buddies University of Ottawa

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Best Buddies Canada is a national charitable organization dedicated to enhancing our community through one-to-one friendships between individuals with intellectual disabilities and students.

Student Buddies & Buddies make contact with each other once a week by phone or e-mail. One-to-one activities (going for coffee, taking a walk, etc.) take place twice a month. All the Buddy pairs at a chapter get together four times per year for a subsidized group event.

The friendships formed through the Best Buddies program add a new dimension to the lives of all people involved. A Best Buddies friendship also helps to build acceptance not only among Buddies & Student Buddies, but also in the community.

The University of Ottawa chapter is affiliated with two host sites:

1) Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities -
2) L'Arche Canada -

Join this group if you are interested in more information about Best Buddies!

The Breakfast Club

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Breakfast Club is a uOttawa organization that strives to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our purpose is to initiate a healthy snack program on the University of Ottawa campus as well as across elementary and secondary schools across Ottawa. Through hosting a variety of charity events this year, we hope to raise funds to support university students that have limited access to nutritious foods. 
Meet our wonderful team of executives for this year.

World Vision Club

The University of Ottawa World Vision club was created by students and is associated with World Vision Canada to help inform other students about developmental issues around the globe. World Vision Canada is a charity focused on global relief, development, and advocacy and strives to protect the most vulnerable children in the world. As an enthusiastic group of university students, the uOttawa World Vision members are strongly committed to meeting on a regular basis to volunteer their time to raise money and awareness for various WV initiatives.

University of Ottawa Student Emergency Response Team-UOSERT

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UOSERT (the University of Ottawa Student Emergency Response Team) is a team of dedicated uOttawa students, who are trained as Red Cross First Responders. UOSERTmembers currently provide standby first aid and pre-hospital care at SFUO events and other uOttawa community events (such as 101 week and Community Life Services concerts). In January 2016, UOSERT will respond to all medical emergencies on the uOttawa main campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the regular academic year.

Champions of Change UOttawa

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A global initiative to end gender inequality, promote girls rights' and lift millions out of poverty. Affiliated with Plan Canada, formerly BIAAG uOttawa

We raise funds and awareness for Plan's Because I am a Girl program, which promotes girls' rights around the world by giving them access to education, preventing child marriage and working to end gender stereotypes. 

Membership is free and open to uOttawa students- message us with questions!

Helping Hands Uottawa Chapter

Helping Hands Uottawa Chapter

If you’re looking for a way to help out this Holiday season, our featured club is the place for you! Helping Hands uOttawa is an inspiring new club that’s achieving at making not just uOttawa, but the whole world a better place. Their main objective is to encourage uOttawa students to become involved in the Ottawa region through community service initiatives. They’re always looking for new student volunteers to help out so check it out!

uOttawa Animal Rights Association

uOttawa Animal Rights Association

Welcome! The University of Ottawa Animal Rights Association was founded in September 2017 to bring animal rights activists together on campus and to educate the student body and faculty about how they can live a more compassionate and cruelty-free life. We believe that animals are not our to use for entertainment, fashion, food, or experimentation. We strive to advocate for the rights of non-human animals as well as promoting environmental sustainability and how eating more plant-based meals can improve your overall health. Our association welcomes all individuals regardless of dietary choice, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation. We want everyone to feel safe, welcome, and included. We would love to have you get involved! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: