UOttawa Vegetarian and Vegan Club


The uOttawa Vegan & Vegetarian Club was formed by a small group of vegan uOttawa students who saw a need for a social network for people passionate about and interested in plant-based cooking and diets.

Since the start, it has been a social club where people can discuss, meet people with, and bond over similar interests (vegan / vegetarian cooking / lifestyle, animal welfare, environmentalism, and health) while sharing vegan dishes. In addition to providing a social atmosphere for veggie lovers, the club also aims to promote the plant-based diet by showing others how easy it is to cook and eat this way, how normal we are (some of us...), and by generally making people more aware of plant-based eating.

Although the focus of our club is not on activism, many of our members (if not most) are animal welfare activists and environmentalists and we work closely with the animal rights group on campus.

We are open to the wider community and more than welcome non-vegans and non-vegetarians!