Canadian Abolitionist Students Association

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The Canadian Abolitionist Students Association (CASA) is focused on creating professional-grade research that presents plausible solutions to the problem of contemporary slavery in Canada. Our group is explicitly focused on the Canadian experience of slavery, including the trafficking in and of persons within Canada and across Canada’s national and provincial borders. Our target demographics are people and organizations capable of making a tangible impact on this issue, which would include service providers, government officials and bodies, and those who are willing to engage with these issues on the frontline. We seek to be an active player in the anti-human trafficking movement in Canada. In Ottawa, this looks like us actively collaborating with the anti-human trafficking networks that exist and operate outside of the university context. We are not religiously affiliated or politically partisan. Rather, we are a volunteer-based, interdisciplinary association of students from diverse backgrounds, united in the pursuit of the end of human trafficking in Canada. We function in the movement to end global slavery by advocating for solutions that we believe will bring an exemplary end to human trafficking in our own national context. We are convinced that the end of global slavery is possible in our lifetime.