Top 7 Washrooms at uOttawa

Finally, the incredibly long lecture is over and there’s only one thing on your mind. You urgently need to go to the washroom. And this ain’t no quick in and out number 1. This is a long over-held number 2. So you escape the lecture room and proceed to a washroom. But which one? You don’t want to go to a sketchy washroom, no you deserve the high standards that come with enrollment at the University of Ottawa.

So where do you go? Don’t worry, I got your back with this list of the top 7 washrooms at uOttawa.

7. Desmarais (DMS)

 We’re starting at the bottom as this is probably the worst washroom on campus. For some reason the building at the very tip of campus has the busiest washrooms. With extremely long lineups this is just not worth it at all. Take the time to find a better washroom than wait in line for this crap.

6. Morisset (MRT)

Oh the library washroom. When school gets busy (when is it not), students tend to become animals. And the washroom becomes a jungle. I’ve heard crazy horror stories that I can’t even repeat in this article. Some might call the washroom’s design Art, but I just call it shit on the wall.

5. Facility of Social Science (FSS)

It’s pretty much in the center of campus. For all the things I could say about the washroom, in the end it’s a pretty neutral. Nothing that good, nothing that bad. However some have complained about the male washroom, “It’s tiny with like only two places to piss, no divider, and the urinals are so damn low.”

4. Colonel By (CBY)

Now this one is debatable. It’s the largest washroom I could find with more than enough stalls (and urinals). It’s also not in a prime area, resulting in no waiting and plenty of space to breathe. But speaking of breathing, these washrooms always stink. I remember just sitting in an adjacent class and smelling the washrooms. Personally this is my go to washroom.

3. All washrooms above the third story

Literally any washroom of any building that’s above three stories is excellent (except the library). They’re clean, cozy, and pretty private. Due to the remote location it’ll be rare to find another person inside. The decor is usually appealing. They’re very clean. The sinks even have high pressure hot water!

2. University Centre Basement (UCU)

This washroom really is a hidden gem. I can’t believe more people haven't heard of it. Located in the basement of the University Center it’s quite is a convenient location. The washroom is never busy and houses some incredible toilets. The sinks are like the sinks from back home, the soap smells nice. This washroom is really perfect in all ways. I only hesitate to recommend this washroom as I don’t want other people to mess it up.

1. University Square

Dead center of the campus. This incredible Green Space, with absolutely zero actual greens, only took a full year of construction to be built and requires a construction crew to dismantle the tarp at the start and end of every winter. This excellent use of space should be used to its full potential. It’s not only a convenient 30 second shortcut opposed to walking around the perimeter. Take advantage and do your business in the center of this beautiful location. I mean….what else are we supposed to do there?

You might’ve actually made it to the end of this article and think, “wow what a waste of time, who gives a shit?”

Well we all do.