The Hot Chocolate Recipe

November 19th. Ottawa. Winter came.

And now we're all cold, and covered in snow. The sun sets at four, and it's dark all the time. Exams are on their way. Blues, blues, blues. There are only two things to look forward to: Christmas, and the end of the semester.

But what if I told you that there was a way to alleviate the cold winter chills, and brighten up that dark day? That's right. It's hot chocolate. Here is the one true recipe to rule them all.

Milk + Chocolate + Hot = Hot Coco

The name of this one may spell it out, but it's an oft missed recipe. Start by preparing a mug of chocolate chips or broken milk chocolate. Next, heat the right amount of milk in a saucepan, and bring to a near boil. Make sure you don't heat it on high, as that will burn the milk.

Pour enough milk into the mug to immerse all the chocolate. Wait a few seconds, and then stir with a fork or spoon until all of it's dissolved. Add the remaining milk. And it's ready to go!

Surprised?  It's a simple recipe, but it's slightly tricky, as it can go wrong in a few places. The payoff however, is extremely scrumptious.

Can't bring yourself to suffer through the complexity of making this three step hot chocolate? Don't have the time? Can't take it to school? Well, watch out for the next time we dole out free (The) Hot Chocolate!