Top 4 Cutest Critters

October’s finally over and you know what that means! CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Okay maybe it isn’t, but close enough. We just have to get through (maybe) one more round of midterms and a round of finals (ew). So not excited. Now seems like a good time for pet therapy. Speaking of pets, let’s talk about some adorable fluffy little creatures that are worth dying for!!!! (Omg I’m so excited, I love floofs)

4. Baby Penguin


Just look at that adorable face! So squishy and innocent!!! Ah, those good old days when I used to watch Happy Feet all the time are gone…

3. Kittens


If my cat look at me like that, I’d be a Yes Man all the way and that cat would be my evil overlord. Just look at those adorable eyes and those fluffy ears!

2. Bunnies


I. Love. Bunnies. So. Much. Just look at that adorable pouty face the precious creature is making. Those fluffy ears and giant eyes are killing me right now!!

1. Puppies


Heart eyes, motherucker, heart eyes!!! I’m dying right now from all this cuteness! Ugh, I seriously want a puppy right now…