So it’s finally October and we all know what that means....MIDTERMS! You thought I was going to say Halloween, didn’t you? Well, psych, cause university students aren’t that lucky.

It’s a well known fact that during midterms everyone’s miserable and hating life, especially those of us who’ve already been here for a couple of years.

Thankfully, I am here to help all you lovely folks out. So here it is:

5. Listen to Disney songs

So if any of you are avid Disney fans like me you’ll understand the joys of grabbing your pen, putting on your headphones, and listening to classic Disney music. I mean who doesn’t love the feel good songs from the Lion King or Aladdin? And the Hunchback of Notre Dame—actually wait, scratch that one.

RECOMMENDED SONGS: I’ll Make a Man out of You, Hakuna Matata, I Won’t Say I’m in Love, I’ve Got a Dream, Under the Sea, Son of Man

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4. Netflix

Okay this one’s kind of an obvious one. A lot of people (myself included) are known to split their screens so they have Netflix open in one window and their work in another. Don’t do this one if you’re easily distracted, though.

RECOMMENDED MOVIES/SHOWS: Friends, Shrek series, any rom-com really 

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You know what stressed spelled backwards is? Desserts! So gather up your trail mix and Kit Kat bars and hit the books. Especially with Halloween coming up, this one’s a given. But remember to eat actual food from time to time and stay hydrated, kids.

RECOMMENDED FOODS: juice boxes, cookies, Subway sandwiches, cheese (lol)

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2. Go for long walks

I’d go for long walks on the beach, but alas, there aren’t any real beaches in Ottawa. Or any fake beaches nearby for that matter. Walking’s a good way to clear your mind and gets some exercise if you’re going to be sitting in the library for a while. It’s also a good way to walk away from any problems you might have.

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1. Find a corner

Yes. Do it. Find a corner and CRY. Or watch a sad movie and let it all out. Sometimes you just need to have a good cry, so what better place to do it than in your own designated corner? I pretty much have the corner desk of the library 4th floor patented, so why not?

Well there you have it folks, the Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane During Midterms. Let’s just hope I can follow my own advice and stay sane too.