Top 7 Disney Villains

So if you’re anything like me, you can get as old as a perfect bottle of wine, but still love anything and everything Disney. When I think about Disney I get to thinking about stuff like who’s the hottest Disney prince or who’s the most annoying sidekick, but now I have a better idea. Disney would be Twilight (Ha ha see what I did there) without its villains, so let’s get to the best Disney villains. And FYI Star Wars DOES count as Disney, so for those of you who want to complain, this list includes villains from ANYTHING ASSOCIATED with Disney.


7. Maleficent

Okay, first of all the king and queen should have just invited her to the party. I almost don’t blame her for cursing Aurora out of spite. Honestly, I would have done the same (or maybe not). And we’re talking about the original Maleficent here, who’s evil because she’s a bitch, and not the nice Angelina Jolie version.





6. Loki

So the sixth spot goes to our favourite sociopath and winner the worst brother award. He’s charming, witty, blessed with luscious blacks, and the MCU wouldn’t be half as great without him in it. I almost choked back a sob when he actually (but probably not) died in Infinity War. But it’s Loki so he’s never really dead. NOW KNEEL BEFORE YOUR KING!


5.  Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker

So maybe he wasn’t evil when he was Anakin Skywalker, but the signs were always there. I mean come on, the man was a walking time bomb ready to blow up anyone who so much as mentioned sand. And then he turns into Vader who’s a living, (almost) breathing planet destroying badass. I think it’s cool seeing the change from whiny Anakin to badass Vader. So bonus points for the hot guy (no pun intended) to mask wearing psychopath transformation. As for those who don’t agree…I find their lack of faith disturbing.


4. Hades

And the award for most relatable Disney villain goes to…HADES! Okay, maybe most of us can’t relate to being a flame head blue god of the dead, but we can relate to have dealing with stupid people on a day to day basis. The poor man—er, god, he just wanted his nephew dead so he could rule Olympus. Sadly for him, his idiot henchmen screwed everything up.




3. Yzma

So this woman’s living proof that dinosaurs still roam the earth. The Emperor’s New Groove is probably the most hilarious Disney movie and all of it happened just because Yzma wanted to save on postage. Yeah, you read that right. But it’s a cruel irony, like my dependence on school.

Just look at her, isn’t she scary beyond all reason?


2. Frollo

This is guy is just plain creepy. The Hunchback of Notre Dame has got to be one of Disney’s darkest movies, and no one makes that point better than Judge Claude Frollo. Like no joke, he has some serious issues that include trying to burn people alive and various other forms of murder. But brings this guy so high up on the list is the fact that he’s terrifying. And by terrifying I mean insane beyond all reason kind of scary. Unlike the other villains on this list, Frollo actually thinks he’s doing good, and that makes him all the more messed up.


1. Scar

I think we all knew Scar would win this one. What kind of a sick, sick man (lion) would kill his own brother and scar his nephew (pun totally intended) for life??? Well, we have our answer here. Even though he was evil, he still had his savage moments, like when he threw shade at the stupid characters in the movie. Unlike the other villains, Scar actually achieved his goal of becoming King, so he’s somewhat successful. That is, until Hamlet, I mean Simba, comes back to kill his uncle and take back the throne.