Top 7 Stairs at uOttawa

I remember when I first started being a slave at uOttawa. Lost looking for classes, wasting a ton of money on the “excellent” food cafeteria, and actually being interested in my classes. But there was one thing that really stood out for me: There are a hell of a lot of stairs. If you need to get anywhere on campus you’re gonna encounter stairs. Up and down. Classes on the fourth floor and arriving there desperately out of breath.

So with this very important subject of stairs at uOttawa, here is a list of the top 7 stairways. You’ll know which stairs to avoid… well I guess you can’t really avoid taking stairs that you gotta take. Well you’ll know you’re walking on a historical landmark stairway with this article.

7. UCU


Let’s start off with a basic stairway. The university center stairway. Linking the bottom level with shops, the middle level with the food court, the second middle level near 1848 bar and lecture rooms from building MRT, and finally the top level… which I don’t even know what’s up there to be honest. It’s an important stairway that bridges the gap between everything you need in life (mainly the food court and bar). As for the stairway itself, it’s pretty damn good. The steps are solid, the ratio of footing and incline are standard. It’s wide enough for when it’s busy but doesn’t take up too much room. Finally it has a nice open center gap giving a good sense of space and a drop to look down when you’re at the top.

Yes, this is going to real stair review.

6. CBY


The Colonel By Stairway. First we got to acknowledge that the building itself was built back in the middle ages so there’s that to account for, but that stairway is pretty shite. I don’t know why there’s so much traffic on this stairway between classes. There’s only like two lecture rooms down in that ugly basement but it’s incredibly busy. To make things worse, it’s a thin stairway. Busy and thin stairways are not a good combination. When it’s winter and the slush gets dragged in it’s a disgusting stairway with mud being tracked as dozens of people brush shoulders to their destination. Also, why are there two doors that are separated by a few meters at each level? It adds so much confusion for everyone. Ugh to fully express my anger I’d need to draw a diagram and have little figurines so I’ll just move on to the next stairway. 

5. FSS


The FSS Stairway. This is a pretty damn good one. A large wide stairway for the first level as traffic is high. Then a thin stairway for the remaining floors where there is less traffic. Fucking genius. This stairway is open to the whole building giving a beautiful atmosphere as you travel along this stairway. Of course the question becomes, do I take the elevator instead? Maybe for the first floor I’ll take the stairs. But what if I need to go up two floors, or three. When do I draw the line and take the elevator? I ask myself this question every day.

4. MRT


The Morisset Stairway. Okay so you go straight if you want to get into the library or go up the stairs if you need to go to a lecture room. Simple. But why are there two large ass stairways in opposite directions that both go up and which one do I take? Do I take the left one or the right one? Both are the exact same distance so one’s not better than the other. These stairways aren’t even that busy. Why did they even need two to begin with? It’s such a waste of space. It’s completely redundant and just adds confusion. Some people say I’m indecisive and I just ask which stairway we should take when we’re at these crossroads.

3. DMS

2018-10-10 12_14_48-pptCF21.pptm [Autosaved] - PowerPoint.png

The Desmarais Stairway. It’s okay.

2. SMD


The Simard Stairway. Where is the elevator! I had a lecture on the fifth floor and I walked those stairs every time. It was exhausting. Does this elevator exist? Am I just dumb? As for the stairway itself: it’s fine. I’m getting pretty tired writing about these damn stairs. I didn’t know what I was signing up for.

#1. SITE


The SITE Stairway. There’s only way up and down in SITE, and it’s this oddly coloured thinly crowded stairway. Why is it that all the engineering stairways are so unaccounted for the expected traffic? And the texture of the stairway just feels weird, sure it’s grippy and you won’t slip but it’s still weird. It feels like a cheap material. Isn’t this a new stairway compared to the other stairs, why does it look and feel so worn out already? And people always stand in the way at the bottom of the stairway. Move out of the way! Why did they have to make the elevation between the two most important floors so far from each other? Sometimes I feel like SITE was designed to make me feel exhausted.


That’s all the in depth detail of the major stairways at uOttawa. I am literally sick of talking about stairs. Elevators from now on…well I got a big hate list of elevators too. Don’t get me started on the Top 5 Worst Elevators at uOttawa.