What is CVUO?

CVUO (Campus Vibez uOttawa) is a student club that operates similar to a marketing agency for other student run organizations on campus. Our main goal is to get more students informed about and involved with extracurricular activities that won’t just be fun but will also greatly benefit them professionally. We believe that the best way to accomplish this goal is by helping individual clubs and organizations with their outreach, whether that be with helping them create advertisements, media, offering marketing services or anything else, We also want to use our own outreach to spread awareness about the big events happening in and around campus. We are constantly posting about the major events on our social media and have created an onsite calendar on this website that is updated every week.

What can CVUO do for you?

For students CVUO is a service to keep you informed about all the big and important events happening in and around campus. For organizations CVUO is a service that will help bring more awareness to you and your operations. 

For Students

For students CVUO has a multitude of channels that can help you stay in touch with all the events happening on campus. 

Our featured events list and newsletter are updated weekly and we are consistently posting on our social medial outlets with everything we think you should know about. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the student life, we also have our active blog and YouTube channel.

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For Clubs & Organizations

CVUO offers its media, marketing and other services to help student run organizations expand their outreach. Our main goal is to inform people about the services your organization offers and to help you advertise your service in a more effective way.

It is very important for us to maintain friendly relationships with other clubs and organizations on campus. Our consultants will individually meet with every representative so that all your individual needs and wants are met. 

We'll pitch you an idea on what we think are the best suited services for you, and together we’ll continue to take the initiative on expanding your outreach. 

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